BikeSTART is a free, easy and fun online tool that finds your starting point for cycling and provides you with solutions. The power of this tool is that it quickly establishes your needs and barriers, and provides sensible guidance on what to do about them. It only takes 10 minutes!

Plus, complete the assessment, and dont forget to sign up for 3-months FREE membership with Bicycle SA.


Users are guided through a series of questions, challenges, and self rating opportunities on aspects of cycling that are often perceived as barriers. These topics include bike handling skills, riding on the road, choosing safer routes, assessing your level of cycling awareness, equipment needs and road rules for cyclists.

Instantly, you get a Ride Support Plan - a set of guidelines and supportive information to assist you getting over your particular barriers, on your bike and on your way! No complications, time efficient, empowering. Brilliant!

You will also get an opportunity to book into some fantastic practical ride sessions with the experts at Bicycle SA. These sessions are held during weekend lunchtimes and on weekends. If you don't yet have a bike and helmet, no problem - Bicycle SA will provide them.

Every BikeSTART participant receives a Bicycle SA start-up kit including FREE Bike SA membership for a period of 3 months. This provides insurance cover and many other supportive benefits for recreational and commuter cyclists that are starting out. 





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